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Eloquence B.06.32

This directory holds the Eloquence B.06.32 release.

Eloquence B.06.32 is intended as a replacement for the HP Eloquence
A.06.31 release.

- Removed any references to HP and HP Eloquence
- Improved installation on Windows
- Improved startup/shutdown script and configuration on HP-UX and Linux
- New Linux glibc2.2 and RedHat 8.0 build for improved compatibility 
  with recent Linux distributions
- Bug fixes and small improvements
- Includes all A.06.31 patches

Removed functionality:
- The linux libc5 build is no longer available
- The Eloquence TurboIMAGE compatibility has been removed. 
  A substentially improved version is included in the upcoming B.07.00
  release and including the old A.06.31 based version is no longer
  useful. Please refer to the B.07.00 version if you are interested
  in TurboIMAGE migration.

More information: