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This directory holds Eloquence B.08.10 patch bundles.
A patch bundle is simply an archive of all recommended patches.
It is eventually re-created (with a new date stamp) when new 
patches are released.

Please note: Installing a patch bundle will overwrite any
conflicting files that were installed by a superceding patch
(such as a beta patch). Any beta patch must be re-installed 
after installing the patch bundle.

Please refer to
for information on known problems and patches.

Patches are provided as compressed tar (on HP-UX and Linux) or 
zip archives (on Windows). Eloquence B.08.10 patch file names 
have a format as shown below:

       ^       ^    ^
       |       |    Architecture
       |       Operating system
       Patch bundle

The patch id consists of a leading 'B' to specify this is a patch
bundle, two digits year, month and day. It simply specifies the date 
the patch bundle was created.
The operating system specifies the operating system and architecture 
either hardware dependencies or a specific distribution.