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Eloquence B.08.40 beta

Thank you for your interest in the Eloquence B.08.40 test release.

This Eloquence test release provides a development snapshot of the
upcoming Eloquence B.08.40 version that has passed some initial QA

By making test versions available publicly we hope to encourage
wider testing. Please contact to share your
feedback or report a problem.

Preliminary documentation is available at:

Any test release is available under the terms of the Eloquence Beta Test 
Agreement which is specified in the file AGREEMENT.

Downloading and installing the software indicates your agreement to the 
Beta Test terms and conditions.

This test release may not meet the release criteria for quality or 
performance and is intended for test and evaluation use only.

Please note that various Linux installation archives are available 
from the repositories at
Please refer to the release notes for details.

The Eloquence team