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A.05.10.ascii.gz 1996-09-30 00:00 61.1 KiB
README 1998-06-17 15:54 1.1 KiB
README.cvlnr 1999-06-15 06:22 1.9 KiB
cvlnr.shar 1999-06-14 11:59 4.2 KiB
cvlnr.shar.old 1997-10-16 12:46 4.7 KiB
em220r1.README 1998-09-14 16:16 842 B
em220r1.tar.gz 1998-09-14 16:16 2.1 KiB 1996-03-11 00:00 159.1 KiB
eq_collate_de.tar.gz 2001-08-02 18:31 6.4 KiB
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revision: 97-08-24

This directory holds patches and misc files for older HP Eloquence

HP Eloquence patches are available through the HP Response Center. 
If you have a HP Eloquence maintenance contract, you can also
contact your local HP Customer Response Center.

List of files:

sampledb.tar.gz   Includes a script to create a sample database
		  and fill it with data. Requires HP Eloquence
		  A.06.01 and above.

dbutil.tar.gz	  Latest patch for the HP Eloquence dbutil utility.
                  The dbutil program provided with A.05.10 and A.05.11
                  sometimes failed to handle the internal index sequence 
                  number correctly. This could result in an database
                  status 43.          HP Eloquence A.05.10 release notes as gzipped 
		  Postscript file.        This is a port of GNU recode to Windows NT.

In order to unpack the files, the gunzip utility is required.
Gunzip may be obtained from the /pub directory on this server.