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Eloquence DLG for Windows

The RUNSRV32 and DLGSRV32 components for Windows are no longer
part of the Eloquence distribution and are therefore available
as separate download.


- This is the installation program for the Eloquence B.08.10
  versions of the RUNSRV32 and DLGSRV32 components.

  On 32-bit Windows, the default installation directory is:
  C:\Program Files\Eloquence\dlg

  On 64-bit Windows, the default installation directory is:
  C:\Program Files (x86)\Eloquence\dlg

  The executables (runsrv32.exe, dlgsrv32.exe) and configuration
  files (eloqcl.ini, defaults.eq, modules subdirectory) are now
  located in the installation directory and no longer in separate
  bin, etc and dlg subdirectories.

  The registry root key is:

  Please note that on 64-bit Windows this key is located in the
  32-bit registry. The 64-bit Windows registry editor displays
  the key below HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node
  (there is a 32-bit registry editor available in addition, by
  default C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64\regedit.exe, which displays the
  key in its usual location).

  Additional installation notes:

  * The installation program no longer creates an autostart
    shortcut for the Run Server component.

    To manually create a Run Server autostart shortcut:

    1) Open the installation directory.
    2) Right-click the runsrv32.exe program and choose the
       "Send To" -> "Desktop" option.
       This creates a shortcut for runsrv32.exe on the desktop.
    3) Right-click the "Start Menu" -> "Programs" -> "Startup"
       program group and choose "Open" (or "Open All Users" if
       you want the Run Server to be automatically started for
       all users on the system).
       This opens the Startup program group in an Explorer window.
    4) Drag the runsrv32.exe shortcut from the desktop and drop
       it into the Startup program group Explorer window.

  * In the eloqcl.ini configuration file, the new [access] section
    allows to configure which IP addresses or networks are allowed
    to connect to the Run Server.

    It is strongly recommended to configure this carefully so that
    only the relevant systems (usually the systems where Eloquence
    programs need to access the Run Server) are included.

    The Run Server allows to start arbitrary programs and commands
    from a remote computer. This may considerably affect security
    and therefore should carefully be restricted to the necessary

- This ZIP archive contains the necessary files required to build
  a customized DLGSRV32 version.

If you encounter any installation problems please send us an email to
the address or use the Eloquence feedback form
located at:
Thank you.

Marxmeier Software AG