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SQL/R A.02.99 - 21.02.2013


SQL/R provides SQL access to the Eloquence database.

- The SQL/R Report Generator provides an easy and flexible method
  to create reports on the fly. The SQL/R script language enables
  SQL based access to the database.
- The SQL/R ODBC Driver allow the easy integration of ODBC aware
  applications with the Eloquence database.

More information on SQL/R is available on the Internet at

If you encounter problems using this software, please send an email
message to the SQL/R support team at


README          - This document
RELNOTES        - SQL/R release notes
RELNOTES-ODBC   - ODBC release notes for the UNIX platform

SQL/R A.02.00

* SQL/R supports the same platforms as Eloquence B.06.32 to B.08.00
  - HP-UX 11i (HP-UX 11.11 or newer) (PA-RISC and Itanium)
  - Linux glibc2.1 or newer (Intel 386/686, AMD64/Intel64 and Itanium)
  - Windows XP, 2000 and NT

* SQL/R supports the Eloquence eloqdb6 database (A.06.10 and newer)
  in addition to the A.05.xx database on the HP-UX platform.

* SQL/R uses the ODBC server backend to access the database.
  The sqlrexec and SQLR.DLL parts have been re-written and the
  SQL/R syntax is now more compliant with the SQL standard.
  A builtin backward compatibility mode provides compatibility
  with most of the existing SQL/R scripts.

* SQL/R is installed in the /opt/sqlr2 directory to coexist with
  old SQL/R A.01.xx version.

Platform differences

* The A.05.xx database is only available on the HP-UX platform.

* On the Linux platform, the lprint and tmap utilities are
  currently not available. In addition, no character set mapping
  is performed. The ISO-88591-1 character encoding is assumed.
  You can use the GNU recode utility (included with Linux) to
  convert output to other charcter set encodings if required.

* On Windows the sqlr, sqlred, lprint and tmap utilities are
  not available. The ISO-88591-1 character encoding is assumed.

* The ODBC server cannot be installed on Windows 9x/ME systems.
  However, the client programs (sqlrexec, Sqlr.DLL) are available
  on Windows 9x/ME.

SQL/R A.02.99 license key

SQL/R A.02.99 requires a license key revision of A.02.80 or higher.
A previous license key for version A.01.xx or A.02.00 or A.02.xx before
A.02.80 does no longer work.

If an Eloquence Personal Edition is installed and no valid SQL/R
license key is detected, a two user license is granted automatically.

To receive a permanent SQL/R license key, please contact