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B1368B-A.06.20.libc5-2.i386.rpm 1999-02-02 19:10 3 MiB
B1368B-A.06.20.libc6-2.i386.rpm 1999-02-02 19:10 3 MiB
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This directory contains the HP Eloquence A.06.20 software 
for the Linux platform.

The Linux platform is not supported by the HP Support Organization.
To obtain support, please contact Marxmeier Software GmbH.

     Marxmeier Software GmbH
     Besenbruchstrasse 9 
     D-42285 Wuppertal

     Tel: +49 202 24314-40 
     Fax: +49 202 24314-20 

To help you getting started we provide a free E-Mail installation 
support (which also covers the Linux OS and the Personal Edition)
after registration on the HP Eloquence Web site at 

List of Files:

- Installation instructions

- HP Eloquence A.06.20 software for libc5 in rpm format

- HP Eloquence A.06.20 software for libc6 (glibc2) in rpm format